"Blackroll" Fascia training by Rudi

Date: Saturday, 23.03.2024
Departure time: 17:25
Arrival time: 17:55
Duration: 30 min
Meeting point: Yoga room

The foam roller is an excellent tool for revitalizing the fascia tissue = network that envelops all our body structures (muscles, ligaments, bones, joints, etc.). Exercises with the foam roller relieve tension in the muscles, increase blood circulation, stimulate the connective tissue (fascia) and promote regeneration. Thus, for example, back pain can be relieved and sore muscles can be prevented. The exercises with the foam roller increase the elasticity and performance of the muscles. Other positive effects are: Loosening adhesions of the fasciae (connective tissue), releasing tension, regenerating muscles in a targeted manner Counteracting postural damage, regulating incorrect stress Treating trigger zones The fasciae depend on adequate movement to maintain their stable and at the same time supple structure. Lack of movement, but also stress, lead to pathological changes in the fascia tissue: it becomes matted, stuck together and hardened. Pain can be the result. Therefore, our motto is: "Let's rock and roll".

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