Kopie von alpine forest bathing

with Helmuth Frei or Martin

Shinrin-Yoku, breathing in the forest atmosphere - "forest bathing" for short - has long been an officially recognised method of strengthening health in Japan.
And in this country, too, people are increasingly turning to the miraculous powers of nature. In the forest we experience a pleasantly damp and cool atmosphere. If we listen carefully, we perceive the quiet sounds of nature, the messages of the thousands and thousands of living beings that communicate with each other here in a huge, highly complex habitat.

Mindfully we immerse ourselves in the unique nature of the forest. Enjoy the trees, bushes and mosses to the full and consciously. Forest bathing has a wonderful effect on the body, mind and soul. It has been proven to reduce stress, strengthen the heart and the immune system by boosting the production of natural killer cells, alleviate mood swings and sleep disorders and promote relaxation and concentration.

(ER)live the forest under the guidance of an expert and draw new strength for your job and everyday life during this unique experience. Take time to explore the special features of the forest.
The effect of forest bathing is long-lasting. Relaxation and recuperation are guaranteed. Children from the age of 16 are also welcome to experience this mindfulness exercise.

Thursdays and Sundays
Registration required