Covid-19 rapid tests

Antigen & amp; Anticorps rapid tests directly at the hotel

Antigen & anticorps rapid tests directly at the hotel.
Covid-19 rapid antigen test:

The rapid antigen test is performed by swabbing the nasopharynx; a result is available within 15 minutes.

All guests may require a negative antigen or PCR test for check-in (see Covid FAQ).

Another negative test result may also be required for re-entry into your home country: In most cases, this test must not be older than 48 or 72 hours. You are welcome to carry out this test directly at our doctor Ingemar Blaas. He will be in our hotel several times a week for this purpose, please book your appointment here at the reception.

Proof of an already healed SARS-Cov-2 infection or a confirmed vaccination protection would be equivalent to a negative test result in this case and can replace the latter. The details of the so-called "green passport" and the associated facilitations remain to be seen.

Costs: 18 EUR

Covid-19 antibody rapid test:

While the PCR test or an antigen test "searches" directly for the virus itself and thus detects an acute illness, a rapid antibody test provides information on whether someone has already been infected with the novel coronavirus and whether the immune system has reacted to this infection by producing antibodies against SARS-COV-2. So it is a look into the past, in case of a positive test result a more detailed blood analysis by a laboratory is advisable. Only this reliably confirms the existence of antibodies and thus a disease that has already subsided. It should be emphasised that a negative rapid antibody test cannot replace the rapid antigen test required for departure.

The test is carried out by taking a drop of blood from the fingertip; a result is available within 15 minutes.

Costs: 18 EUR