48 h Biofeedback measurement

with Personal Coach Martin

In this measurement, the bioenergetic activity of your body is measured for 2 days to show the personal stress and recovery phases.
Biofeedback measurement is a method of psychology and behavioural medicine that provides information about individual activity of the autonomic nervous system by recording essential vital parameters such as breathing patterns, blood pressure, pulse, skin temperature etc.. It provides information about the individual activity of the autonomic nervous system.

Over a period of 48 hours, the bioenergetic activity of the body is measured with a portable device (will be issued) and graphically displayed. This makes it possible to see how, when and how long stress and recovery phases last and where the personal "weak points" are. The biofeedback measurement provides important information about the body's metabolism, sleep quality and regeneration time. Lack of exercise becomes equally apparent as a balanced lifestyle.
After the 48 hours, the data collected is evaluated during a personal coaching session and together we discuss where improvements are necessary and what measures can be taken to permanently improve our own quality of life and health.

Delivery of the measuring device: Monday at the latest (100 EUR deposit)
Return of the device: Wednesday at the latest
Coaching: Thursday

Organiser: TV Partschins, Martin Kiem
Costs: 170 EUR