turn2zero - Our path to climate neutrality

We love nature and do our best to preserve it.
Every day we see the pristine nature on our doorstep - one of the reasons why it is important to us to protect it and do our best to preserve it.

That is why we are constantly thinking about how we can make our hotel and all our processes more and more sustainable and climate-neutral.

That is why we have now joined the climate neutrality alliance.
This is another important step for us to operate the Design Hotel Tyrol in a climate-neutral way in the future.

We have already implemented many things in the past:
  • We have always drawn our electrical energy from the municipality's own hydroelectric power plant.
  • From 2007 to 2020, we heated our outdoor pools with a thermal solar system. In 2021, this heating system was replaced by a new, emission-free air heat pump.
  • In our renovation work and purchasing, we place particular value on selecting craftsmen and suppliers from Parcines and the Merano region in the spirit of the common good economy. On the one hand, to support our local economy and to avoid long journeys.
  • We also attach great importance to regionality and seasonality in the preparation of our food. Through targeted purchasing, we avoid plastic packaging and unnecessary waste. In recent years, we have been able to win over more and more local farmers as our suppliers. Our goal is to source 90% of all our food only from South Tyrol.
  • You will also no longer find any disposable products in our guest rooms. In recent years, we have consistently switched to loose goods, bulk packs and refillable products.
  • In addition, we have installed automatic dosing systems for our washing machines and dishwashers that only let through the exact amount of detergent that is needed. Likewise, we always refill our cleaning bottles with such a system so that no cleaning agent is wasted. All cleaning agents are EU Ecolabel certified.
  • We document all used quantities of fuels, water and the disposed residual waste - in order to reduce them continuously. To this end, we are constantly optimising our processes.
  • There are also always facilities and equipment that we can no longer use. We are happy to pass these on to social institutions.