Steinbruch Trail

The Steinbruch trail is one of the most popular trails for our guests. On the one hand it's for sure because of the close location to our hotel, on the other hand the fun factor, which makes this trail to our guests favorite. We are even more happy to announce that the trail will be reshaped and gets a new entrance over 500m. The reshaping starts beginning of May. 
How to get there: Aschbachbahn (gondula to Aschbach)
Length: 10,9 km
Hightmeters: 100m, starting from Aschbachbahn (1216m)
Severity: S1/ S2/ S3

The trail is mainly medium level with a few difficult trail sections. The conditions vary from forest path, to root scars, to switch backs and very flowy sections. 

The intermin solution for the trail entry has now an end and the reshaping starts beginning of May. The trail workers will shape a close-to-nature flowtrail (S1).

The current trail will remain as before, but will be improved on the one or other section to maximize your fun factor.