“Waal” trails

No less than 4 'Waal' trails start directly at the hotel or are only a few kilometres away.
A stroll along the “Waal” trails - The network of trails along the irrigation ditches runs through the mountains in Val d’Adige and circles the entire basin of Merano.
The trails are walkable at any time of the year. The route around Merano is comprised of 11 irrigation ditch trails: the “Waalweg” of Lagundo / Algund, of Caines / Kuens, Rifiano / Riffian, the Maiser Waalweg, the Scena Waalweg, the Brandiswaalweg in Lana, Cermes / Tscherms, Marlengo / Marling, Parcines / Partschins, Rablà / Rabland and the Wallburg in Naturno / Naturns. Each of these paths has its idiosyncrasies: castles, churches and monuments along the natural trails. This makes it not just a walk, it's active culture.