the magic mix of alpine tradition and la bella vita
No where else cultural diversity and alpine-mediterranean lifestyle are embodied as much as in the holiday destination Merano and surrounding. This is a mix of the majesty of the Alps and la dolce vita: A place where town and country are interacting in a unique symbiosis. In addition to a wide array of spa and wellness options, Merano offers a rich array of recreational and cultural activities.
A long tradition of spa treatments has left its mark on Merano. Historical and contemporary architecture are in perfect harmony along the Passer River - Modern designed houses are built right next to traditional villas from the Belle Epoque.
Even today, Merano is all about the personal wellbeing of the guests who visit region.

Highlights of a feel-good holiday include the new Merano Thermal Baths spa complex and the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle botanical gardens.