Proud member of the "Climate Neutrality Alliance"

We see our small hotel as part of a sustainable, regional economic cycle in which we would like to involve as many regional partners as possible.
We are happy when young trainees choose our business, when we can support local small farmers in their pioneering work and when we can process your small quantities in the best organic quality... and we are also happy when neighbours come to us for breakfast, a day spa or a beer;).

Our hotel is not an enclave only for guests who come from further away. We want to create a good place here where everyone feels comfortable: Guests, friends, neighbours and also our dear staff.
We have been working to minimise our carbon footprint for many years. When we were certified with the "EU Ecolabel" for the first time in 2016, we were able to reduce a considerable part of our energy and waste volume within a few months.

When we heard about the "Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025", we were immediately on fire. With the mutual support and experience of our alliance partners, we will now bring the Co2 footprint of the Design Hotel Tyrol to 0 in just a few years. Until then, we can compensate our emissions by supporting high-quality climate protection projects in developing countries and indirectly contribute to sustainable growth there. Projects all over the world depend on voluntary commitment to climate neutrality.

With this step, we have now set another important milestone for us towards climate neutrality.