Yoga & Workout Room

A stunning place to relax.

For almost 4 years we planned and worked on this dream with our architects. Since 2019, our black glass cube now fits in with us. The extension of the garden to the west and the direct access to the guest rooms that it provides move the bathhouse into the new centre and thus connect the individual bathing and spa areas, which are completely adapted to the natural terrain on different levels.
On the ground floor of our bathhouse we have set up our "Studio 40a" - a place flooded with light thanks to its many glass openings for your yoga sessions, fitness classes and a cardio room with an original water rower as well as a treadmill, crosswalker and racing bike from Technogym. In the yoga room you will also find therabands, jump ropes, dumbbells and medicine balls for your personal fitness training.
Yoga room
The large yoga room offers a great view of the park and plenty of sunny space for our morning yoga classes.
The new gym
is equipped with hightech-hometrainers from Technogym(R).