Do you know what is trendy in winter?

cosy winter holidays at the Design Hotel Tyrol near Merano

In our normally so simple Design Hotel near Merano everything becomes even less ostentatious at Christmas and New Year. We put up decorations, hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree, wind garlands around our furniture and everywhere there are traditional home-made Christmas biscuits.

But the hotel is not the only place with a comfortable atmosphere, the Christmas market in Merano is just a stone's throw away and our local mountain, Monte San Vigilio offers nostalgic snowy scenery for snow and snow-shoe hiking. You can ski in a couple of small, but lively skiing areas, such as Meran 2000 or in Val Senales, not far from our design hotel near Merano. And if you are not on the move in the snow-covered mountains with or without snow shoes or on a toboggan, you are welcome to take a break in the cosy warmth of our wellness area.

Winter trappings

A holiday without the car
Use the MeranCard to travel free on buses and trains and for free entrance to museums
Christmas market in Merano
Discover South Tyrolean handicrafts and local delicacies
Culinary highlights
On the feast days only the absolute best is served to you
daily winter programme
during our winter season you can join our fitness classes, meditations and sauna infusions every day
Home-made traditional biscuits at the fireside
We bake them, decorate them and serve them in a snug, cosy setting
With Carlo to the nearby small, but excellent skiing areas
Snow-shoe hiking
With Uncle Rudi through the undisturbed natural winter world on Monte San Vigilio
Spend the feast days quite differently: enjoy the peace and quiet and switch off.
The natural world around Merano is at its most peaceful at this time of year.
Winter wellness
Massages, fitness courses and sauna aufguss when it is really cold outside

Something to catch the eye!


Further interesting information

Skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and saunas

Every day in the cold season there are guided winter hikes, skiing days, fitness courses and sauna infusions.
Our events around Christmas and the New Year

Cosy and warm, when it is cold outside.

When it stays dark for longer outside, our rooms and suites are even more snug.
our rooms & suites
Written by Boris

Proud member of the "Climate Neutrality Alliance"

We see our small hotel as part of a sustainable, regional economic cycle in which we would like to involve as many regional partners as possible.
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