"Meraner Höhenweg" (the Merano High Mountain Trail)

Merano's best know hiking trail can be easily reached from our hotel.
The Merano high mountain trail is one of the most breathtaking hiking paths in the entire alpine area. It is a pathway that winds for nearly 80 km through the natural park of the Texelgruppe/Tessa Group and is located at a constant altitude of around 1,400 metres above sea-level. There are only two stretches that are consistently higher: northwards to the Eisjöchl/Passo Gelato (2,985 m) and southwards to arrive at the Hochganghaus/Casa del Valico mountain hut (1,839 m). 

Depending on the conditions, the entire trip can take anywhere between three and eight days of walking. Hikers who are relatively fit can do the distance in four or five days. The route is divided into a part that heads south and a part that goes north. While the northern part, which takes in the alpine valleys of Pfossen/Fosse and Pfelders/Plan and heads upwards to Eisjöchl/Passo Gelato at almost 3,000 m, can only be attempted during the summer months, the southern part can be done more or less at any time during the year.