Guided hike from ”Senales/Unser Frau” into the “Mastauntal” valley to the alpine hut of the same name.

Date: Monday, 05.06.2023
Duration: 6 h

We take the train to Naturno/Naturns and from there the bus to Senales/Unser Frau.

In "Madonna di Senales/Unser Frau" village begins our hike, which first takes us in the direction of the approx.  600 year old pilgrimage church.  After the "Tonzhaus" hotel we move  upwards to the right  through the beautiful larch forest. After approx.  half an hour at the entrance to the Mastauntal valley we reach the Mastaunhof, a gorgeous mountain farm made of larch wood.  On the right side of  the stream, past the farm, the moderately ascending path no. 17 A  leads us up to the Mastaunalm hut. Here, too, mighty  larches line the path, which  enchant in spring with their  lush green and in late autumn with their golden yellow colors. The Mastaunhof farm, to which the alpine pasture of the same name belongs, was already mentioned in a document in 1356 and is still by far the largest farm in the Schnalstal Valley with over a thousand hectares of land.

The rustic  Mastaunalm hut is well located in  the largely untouched and little-known  valley of the same name, which is surrounded by a series of over 3000 m high mountain peaks.  We stop here to enjoy local delicacies.  After a relaxing stop we turn back to the starting point. In the village itself, we briefly visit the pilgrimage church, which was rebuilt in Baroque style in the 18th century.

Appropriate hiking equipment (sturdy shoes, sun and weather protection), drinking water supply,  good physical condition are required. In case of doubt, please ask at the reception or the tour guide.

The distance from the hotel to the railway station and back (about 3 km) is not included in the data below.

By registering, the participant declares that he/she has carefully read the tour description and agrees with the conditions and requirements. Participation is at his/her own risk and perils. 

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