Guided hike from the centre of Merano through various promenades to the old Gunpowder Tower and on the famous Tappeiner promenade and the Algund irrigation canal path to Parcines/Rablà

Date: Thursday, 30.03.2023
Duration: 6 h
Meeting point: Reception

We’re going to Merano/Meran by bus.

We chose the central station as starting point. From there we head towards the Lungo Passirio Promenade flanking several historic buildings, to reach the Cathedral of St. Nicholas.  Through the alleys of Steinach, which is the  oldest district of Merano, we reach the old Passiria Gate and then continue on the  Gilf Promenade, which is lined with lush mediterranean plants,  up to the Gunpowder Tower (ancient tower,  symbol of the city of Merano).  We climb the tower, from where we have a 360 degree panoramic view of  Merano, the Adige Valley, the Lower Venosta Valley, including the  Partschins waterfall, as well as the mountain ranges surrounding the Merano basin.

Now we stand at the beginning of the famous Tappeiner Promenade.

Towards west, the Tappeiner Promenade stretches along the Benedetto/Küchelberg mountain along the park and garden scenery created about 130 years ago by the physician and botanist Dr. Franz Tappeiner. Everywhere we can enjoy the fantastic view of the Adige/Etsch Valley with its beautiful mountain scenery in the surroundings. Along our way, there are diverse cafés and restaurants where we can stop and enjoy the sun.

After a walk of about 50 minutes, we reach Quarazze (Gratsch) where the Tappeiner Promenade ends. We follow the road that leads up to the village of Tirolo, for several hundred metres, then the pending bridge towards the Lagundo/Algund Waalweg path branches off. This path stretches along the sun-drenched irrigation canal across the landscape at the edge of the forest, lined by vineyards and fruit orchards. Past Lagundo, Plars di Mezzo and Plars di Sopra we reach the end of the trail, only a stone's throw from Tel.  From here, there are various ways to to reach Parcines/Partschins and  Rablà/Rabland on foot via path through vineyards and orchards. But for those who no longer feel able to face this last stretch of uphill and downhill route there is also the possibility of getting on the bus.

Appropriate hiking equipment and good physical condition are required. In case of doubt, please ask at the reception or the tour guide.

By registering, the participant declares that he/she has carefully read the tour description and agrees with the conditions and requirements. Participation is at his/her own risk and perils. 

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