To the Stoanernen Mandln in Merano & environs/Meraner Land

Awe-inspiring panoramic tour above Avelengo/Hafling and Merano/Meran

: 3 h
The place is mysterious. Here, on the summit of the Hohe Reisch, the witches used to come and dance to the Devil, or so the stories tell us. It is claimed that the Stoanernen Mandln or Stone Men, figures made from layers of rocks, some the height of a man, are evidence of these legends. And the Stoanernen Mandln is the destination for this MTB tour from Avelengo over the Leadner and Vöraner Alpine Meadows and the Giogo dei Prati/Auener Joch. The panorama from the Hohe Reisch is breath-taking and the Stone Men are an interesting subject for a photo. The return to the departure point leads past the Casere di Melina, the Sellaio/Sattler Chalet and the Leander Alpine meadow. Tip: On this tour there are many trails, which are not obvious at first glance. The bike hoteliers and guides will be delighted to advise you and guide you!