Mountain Bike

...the Bike-Eldorado for beginners, better riders & expert Trail scouts
Our favorite bike spot, San Vigilio and Monte Tramontana offers circular tours from 50 mt. – 1,500 mt. with steep up-hill paths along the way. Everybody can find his own adventure. Easy, middle-grade and difficult singletrails with some really hard climbes - all that offers this mountain, and it's located directly on our doorstep!
Various types of track surfaces: asphalt, forestry + farmers’ roads, single trails etc. make a good biking day perfect.
The newest highlight is a 1,000 mt. downward singletrail path with time control from 15.00
(Starting point: the Tel Cycle Track, with various tracks leading up-and-down all along the way.)

The best tours on Monte Tramontana:

Tour of the Naturnser Alm:
Leaving the hotel behind, take the cycling path to Naturno (approx. 10km). In the centre of Naturno, take the Bahnhofstraße and cycle over the bridge to the Sportplatz, the village Sports Field. The path then leads steeply upwards towards the Naturnser Nörderberg, passing a number of mountain farmhouses on its way, and along a forestry road, the Forststraße, to the Kreuzbrünnl car-park.

Another forestry road, which is closed to cars, starts from here and leads up to the Naturnser Alm. After a well-deserved rest, take path. no. 9a which starts from just behind the Alm to the right. Please note: path no. 30 is not a particularly attractive route! After a short uphill climb, an old Karrenweg an old cart-path meanders along the high plateau to meet up with path no. 9 which is quite steep in places and leads up to Vigljoch, where the little church of St. Vigilius is well-worth a visit! Path no. 28, followed by a forestry road, will take you downhill to Aschbach, cycle on past the little chapel of Maria im Schnee, Mary in the Snow, and then on down the tar-surfaced Teerstraße to Töll, a little village on the main road. Cross the bridge and cycle along the left bank of the river Etsch through Rabland and Plaus to get back to Naturno.

Duration: 4h 0min
Length: 41 km
Altitude: 1400 m
Altitude downhill: 1400 m

Tour Gsinböden:
Starting fromthe hotel just drive to the centre of Naturno (approx. 10km). Then cycle to the main road and turn first right then left after about 100 mt. along the Bahnhofstraße as far as the bridge over the river Etsch and on to the Naturno Sports Centre from where a road goes up to the Naturnser Nörderberg. Go on along the Nörderbergstraßeto a signposted turning which leads steeply up to the Unterschwarzplatzhof farmhouse, the highest point of our tour at 810 mt. Ride on past the Unterschwarzplatzhof farm and the down the steep Wiesenweg towards the well sign-posted Waldschenke. When you reach a crossroads, take the uphill path and follow signposts to the Gsinboden. A Forstweg, or forestry road, leads up on the right to path no. 11 and to the Gsinboden itself, a flat, even plateau with delightful views out over Naturno and the surrounding countryside as far as the Schnalls valley and the place where Ötzi, the famous Ice Man, was found. Path no.11 then goes on past sign-posted trails to Tabland and to another Forstweg. This trail leads up past a deer enclosure and then through pasture land and meadows to an asphalted road which takes you down to Tabland, past the village church and along well-marked paths to Tschirland. Cycle on through the village of Tschirland to the Tschirlanderhof, then turn right along the road which heads back to the Naturno Sports Centre, along the Bahnhofstraße to the main road and the place where the tour started from.

Duration: 1h 30min
Length: 12 km
Altitude: 450 m
Altitude downhill: 450 m

Tour Marzoner Alm:
Take the Bahnhofstraße in Naturno from the village centre to the Sportplatz, the Sports Field, then head right along the same road towards Tschirland. Turn sharp left in Tschirland and go up to Tabland where you turn sharp left and head uphill to the well where you again turn left towards Schleidertal. A path, which is rather steep in some parts, leads up to the turning Schleidertal - Tomberg. Turn right along the Forstweg, the forestry path, towards Tomberg and then take the gravel road as far as a crossroads where you turn right downhill. You 'll soon come to an asphalted road which will take you to the Tomberg, then head up Tombergstraße to reach another gravel road. Take the Forststraße as far as a turning on the right which goes up to the Zirmtal and on up to Schweinstall.
Then free-wheel downhill to the Marzoner Alm. Take the Forstweg from here and head downwards to Freiberg and then along an asphalted road to Latschinig and Kastelbell. Turn right after Kastellbell cemetery along the Feldweg past Gasthaus Gstirnerkeller and on through Tschars and Staben back to Naturno.

Duration: 4h 30min
Length: 36 km
Altitude: 1500 m
Altitude downhill: 1500 m