Aqua-biking (fitness & wellness)

Date: Saturday, 22.06.2024
Departure time: 16:15
Arrival time: 16:45
Duration: 20 min
Meeting point: Indoor swimming pool

Aqua-biking is suitable for any fitness level and also for rehabilitation after injury: for the unathletic, the super fit, the slim, the overweight, pregnant women, etc. Unlike off-road cycling, here no one is left behind because of insufficient fitness. Everyone can choose the pace and intensity of the exercises. The faster and stronger you pedal, the more the water resistance increases due to the flap movement. Therefore, even very ambitious and well-trained athletes can exhaust themselves. Aqua-biking is more than cycling in the pool. It is a very efficient, joint-friendly and fat-burning, endurance and strength training on a special steel bike. It also uses the upper body through torso exercises, arm circles and rowing movements with the arms and hands. Enjoy the water!

Enjoy the water!

If you decide spontaneously to participate in this activity, you are welcome to contact our reception!

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